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Opening Hearts and Minds Worldwide

We create innovative tools and training for professional and personal development.

A stimulating exploration that sharpens our senses and opens up new possibilities.

Expanding Your View

Professionals around

the world use our tools

to create meaningful

communication, gain

insights and have a real

impact on people's


The Power of Photos

Our tools use the

language of today’s world

- the powerful language of

Photos, that inspires and

provokes the mind.

The Points of You Academy

Expand your observation

and knowledge while

participating in an ongoing

personal and professional


Who are benefitting from the games and programs?

Points of You® tools open the conversation wider and deeper to expand our thinking; to help us explore what is said and that which could remain...
Tamara Hamilton, Audacious Coaching, USA 

Its's something amazing which cannot be valued in any kind of material things. It's just meeting yourself, meeting dreams, meeting your soul. 
Adrian Niculae, CPC, Romania 

I attended the training in California in February. It was life changing! Best decision i have ever made career-wise and for myself. Highly recommended.
Donna Duff, Creative Tidal Wave, USA

This is the most beautiful, well thought-out, comprehensive coaching process and material I have ever seen.
Lori Burgi, Certified Integrative Coach

The following distinguished organizations are our global clients.......

Points of You Academy offers 4 levels of training 


Hello Points Workshop

Welcome to Our World


Turning Point Programme

Understand the Philosophy behind the Technique.


Creative Practice Workshop

Learn the Basics and

Start Working


Top View Programme

Master the Art of Points of You Facilitation

Join the Points of You Academy
Climb the ladder of knowledge
Register for our sessions
Underwater Dive

Points of You Insights 

Monthly sessions

These are workshops created with Points of You tools for in-depth applications of the tools and processes for organizational Learning & Development. Each month's workshops are themed according to the Corporate Programmes that are available by Points of You Singapore. 




Hello Points - Level 1 

13 March 2023 (Face to Face)

This workshop is available as face to face or as an online workshop, participants will learn our creative tools, The Coaching Game & Punctum. The experiential session demonstrates how we can expand one's perspectives with the use of photos and word. Participants will enjoy free seat in the next face to face workshop.




Creative Practice - L2 

30,31 March 2023 (Face to Face)

Are you ready to expand your knowledge and skills with Points of You tools and training?

Get ready for an energetic 2 day (F2F) or 4 days (online) workshop packed with both experiential and practical knowledge. Learn diverse techniques to integrate Points of You tools to your work. 




Take your work to the next level with our games

Let's meet here too....

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