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What and who is Points of You®?

Points of You® sounds like points of VIEW and that is the intention behind the name. It is meant to bring YOU more possibilities and perspectives, more points of view. 

We are your Country Leaders in Singapore

Points of You Country Leaders

We are the Country Leaders of Points of You® in Singapore and are very excited to present this dynamic and thought-provoking games to all people developers. No matter which industry or profession you are from, the encounter with the Points of You® will open your minds and hearts. The games are great for therapists, coaches, educators, trainers and even parents!
Our role is to help all games users understand the application and processes better; build a community of Points of You® practitioners in Singapore so that we pay it forward with the games and workshops. Slowly we hope that our local community can be a positive impact to all.
Warmest Regards,
Dr. Timothy Hsi and Amy Lew


But the full story begins here...

Yaron Golan and

Efrat Shani

Points of You® Founders

What did we achieve since 2006...


games sold


certified trainers





1, 000,000


participants in Points of You® workshops

participants experienced 

the games globally

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