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is an invitation to observe the in-betweens of life.

The highs and lows, movement and stillness, uncertainty and clarity

And just to let yourself be…

Here and Now

Flow reflects the spirit of this period in time. When we are facing challenges and adapting to the new normal.

A global crisis that shuffled all the cards, accelerated many processes, exposed our emotions and focused people on their life choices.


Gentle and Powerful

Flow is a gentle yet powerful tool designed to support the experience of mindfulness and presence.

Perfect for self-exploration, working one on one and offers a wide range of facilitation solutions when working with groups.

What's Inside?

  • 65 Photo cards including our powerful Refresh! cards

  • 12 Layout cards

  • 4 Blank Layout cards

  • 4 Focus cards

  • An inspiration

  • 5 Limited Edition extra cards

  • A Golden Ticket to a live workshop Hello Flow

  • A personal note from Efrat and Yaron

  • In Collector’s item Numbered box !

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