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Points of You coaching tools are excellent complementary tools to therapists who seek visual aids.

"Over a period of 150 years, photographic images have contributed to how we see and think about the world, ourselves, and others. Individuals who are particularly resistant to therapy and those who communicate better with the use of visual aids may not benefit from standard counselling practices alone. Although verbal communication is vital in most forms of therapy, several alternative expressive therapies are available.


As a form of complementary and alternative therapy, photography has shown to be beneficial for individuals who express themselves more adequately with visual aids. As an expression of reality, photography assists in the rehabilitation counselling process and has been implemented in various therapeutic settings. 

Source: Stevens, R., & Spears, E. H. (2009). Incorporating photography as a therapeutic tool in counseling. Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, 4(1), 3-16.

Suggested training Areas

  1. Understanding wellbeing

  2. Strategies to bring sense of balance

  3. Recognizing the danger signs

  4. Strengthening Self-Worth

  5. Positive Intelligence Strategies

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Art of relaxation

Multi-sensory workshop to bring a sense of wellbeing

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