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Symbols In The Coaching Game

On each card of The Coaching Game is a symbol that represents one of the five series of cards: Journey, Doing, Opportunities, Difficulty and Just Be.

These symbols were created like star maps: points (dots) connected with straight lines in order to form a message of orientation and direction.

With time it was interesting to discover that these symbols appear in ancient cultures, theories and mythologies and have many layers of meanings.

In The Coaching Game, this icon represents our true inner self and also the gap between how we feel inside and how we express our "being" to the world around us.

The circled-dot is an ancient symbol with many meanings, In ancient Egypt it represented the sun and the sun god Ra, in Alchemy it was the symbol for gold. To the Pythagoreans it represented potential and in other cultures it symbolized an eye and an amulet against evil.

This icon represents a mental journey between two points of view, from points A to point B, a process of understanding and awareness.

The vertical line is often connected with logic and structure. In mathematics, it is used to define a distance, divisibility, an absolute value and more. When appearing inside a circle, it is connected to power and electricity.

On a more spiritual level, the dividing of a circle into two identical halves suggests dualism or two opposites that together create a complete whole entity (remember the Yin-Yang sign?)

This icon represents a warning sign of a challenge ahead, something or someone that may pull us downward.

In the global language of traffic signs an inverted triangle is a Yield sign, meaning you must give the right of way to other road users. In Alchemy this symbol represents the element of water (as it flows downward). In many cultures this icon represents a feminine energy, a woman, a womb, a bride.

Triangles in general represent a divine connection of three entities such as Father-Son-Holy Spirit/Past-Present-Future/Father-Mother-Child and more....

This icon represents the practical aspect of our lives, a target that is focused on a destination and helps us to take action and achieve results.

In Astrology it is a symbol for planet Earth (a globe with an equator and a meridian). For some native American Indian tribes it's the Four elements of Fire, Air,, Water and Earth emerging from one center of power.

This icon represents all the possibilities that are spread around us at each given moment. All we have to do is look, see, choose and make the most of them.

This symbol, named the pentagram or pentacle, is one of the oldest symbols in the world and can be found in many beliefs and cultures. It is considered to hold different layers of symbolism - from a symbol of life, love, unity and wholeness to a shield of protection against all evil forces and demons. It is also considered to represent the five elements form which man is made: fire, air, water, earth and spirit and a quest for divine knowledge.

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