Points of You® training have been created in response to numerous requests from professionals, organizations and private individuals who having practiced our games, felt the need to find out and thoroughly examine additional possibilities of using it.


Throughout the years we have developed a range of experiential trainings whose goal is to instruct and teach a variety of possible uses of our tools for personal and professional purposes, as well as to enjoy a unique and engaging experience of inspiration and growth. 

Here are the official Points of You® training that individuals or organizations may attend/co-host to experience or obtain varying level of competency to deliver either an unique workshop with Points of You games or be a Certified Trainer to conduct the official training. 


All attendees of our Points of You® programmes are automatically included in the global community of Points of You® practitioners and trainers for continual support and education.

Our Approaches
Your Benefits

International Community

Our global community of certified trainers includes trainers from 65 different countries across 6 continents, who share monthly online webinars and other resources.

Grow Your Business

Individuals, professionals and companies are looking for innovative and unique tools. Become a certified trainer and the solution to their needs.

Experiential Learning

Music, photography, phototherapy principles and interactive methods makes this course engaging and reflect the inspiring nature of Points of You® tools.

Expand Your Tools

Structured processes and activities, workshop formats, presentations and worksheets, step-by-step templates and so much more.

Upcoming Training
Tuesday and Thusday 12.30pm
April to July 2020

Points of You Insights/Pause@Lunch

This is a fun social gathering where Points of You facilitators will be sharing their insights on how they are using Points of You tools in their professional and personal work.

At the same time, participants will encounter how easy and yet deeply reflective the Points of You creative tools are. Each Insights session is themed to fit different groups of people and to serve different objectives. 

Join us for new perspectives!

16-18 June 2020
24-26 June 2020

Hello Points

This is conducted as either one day face to face or 3x 2.5hr online workshop to train participants in learning to use the top selling games, The Coaching Game and Punctum in their coaching services or workshops. 

The workshop awards all attendees with the games and 6 CCE hours with ICF and HRMI.

30 June- 3 July 2020

Creative Practice

Be a Practitioner of Points of You®.

Participants will be brought to a new understanding of the Points of You® methodology and tools & grasp the over-riding philosophy of the games with a clear perspective of the why and how of the games. Participants will also be guided to apply the tools in various ways that will enable them to extend their training ability to equip others from different professions.

9 March 2019

6 April 2019


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