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Here are the 10 challenges faced by youth surveyed in 2019:

  1. Lack of employment opportunities.

  2. Failure to succeed in the education system.

  3. Issues related to body image.

  4. Family problems.

  5. Substance abuse.

  6. Pressures of materialism.

  7. Lack of affordable housing.

  8. Negative stereotyping.

With the descent of Covid-19 pandemic, the outlook had gotten worsen for the youth today. The impacts are psychological, emotional and employability that the youth are not well prepared or equipped to navigate through.

There is a great need to support the youths in their mental and career resilience so Points of You Singapore is exploring to partner with organizations that work with youths. Our training pedagogy and creative tools are excellent partners in youth outreach programs, and our highly engaging experiential activities appeal to young people.


Do contact us on how we can help your organizations.


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